Performance. Teaching. Speech

Magician  Sunnier Sun

Received the 2022DC Magician of the Year honor at I.B.M.(Ring50). At the same time, he has more than 16 years of stage performance experience. Keynote speech. Commercial performance, professional teaching, Trinity Magic Educator.


Commercial show 

The close-up magic makes the audience feel surprised at close range,

The party interactive magic has fun with the whole audience,

The large-scale stage magic shocked everyone's visual senses,

Bring the audience complete surprises and joy.

Heuristic teaching 

One-to-one customized tutoring,

campus clubs and summer camp teams,

Adults, Seniors, Corporate Sector Family Day,

Teaching content can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Combined with STEAM interdisciplinary education,

Cultivate the ability to observe, think, create and execute,

Let students be inspired in the process of learning magic.

Keynote speech  

Design different keynote speeches according to customer needs. Interspersed with magic performances and teachings in lively and relaxed speeches, Widely welcomed by various organizations and organizations. 

Close-up magic 

The magician approaches the crowd and improvises with the things on the guests, Close the distance between the guests at each table to add a happy atmosphere, Perform a personal magic show at a distance of less than one meter, Let the audience experience the magical charm of magic at zero distance! 

Personal stage magic  

Magician with beautiful music With a variety of special tools and techniques Perform a series of magical magic shows 

Stage PARTY Interactive Magic

Invite the audience to come to the stage for magic interaction, Heat up the whole event atmosphere! Interactive performances always fill the audience with joy and surprise. Suitable for a variety of occasions 

Grand Illusion Magic  

Different from general stage magic, it is a large-scale performance with more gorgeous effects. Beauty cutting displacement restoration, audience floating...etc., Bring more powerful visual impact. In addition, you can customize the boss or other important characters.

Styling Balloons

It can be distributed or taught to make modeling balloons to the guests present. The number depends on the site situation and the number of people 

Customized Magic Teaching

Rent props and teach a set of easy-to-learn magic tricks, Make customers the focus of attention Such as: the groom conjures a rose for the bride, Or conjure up a special love/souvenir for the two of them

One-to-one customized tutoring

Design magic teaching tailored to individual needs, Let customers learn to perform between relatives and friends or on stage. 

School clubs, summer camps  

Combined with STEAM interdisciplinary education, Cultivate observation, thinking, creativity, execution, In the process of learning magic, let students practice with each other and perform on stage, Gain confidence and inspiration in practical exercises. 

Small class teaching for company groups  

Design customized magic teaching content according to customer needs, like : Design money-related magic for insurance companies. Book-related magic designed for teachers. Parent-child classes are designed for adults and children to have fun together.

Elder Happy Magic Class  

The joyful magic class carefully designed magic with moderate difficulty, Let the elders practice with both hands, Unconsciously exercise the body muscles, After learning, you can perform for relatives, friends and grandchildren. After its launch, it was quite popular among the elders. 

Campus and company keynote speeches  

In line with the government, the Ministry of Education, and the school's educational philosophy, Launched different "keynote speeches" according to customer needs, Interspersed with the theme of magic performances during the speech, At the same time teaching basic magic concepts and techniques, Let the audience enjoy the magic of magic can also be deeply inspired.

今天設計了一些互動練習的環節,只要大家多加練習實際運用,就能在生活中優雅的發揮魔術影響力。I am very happy to join Lin Elementary School to share the fun of magic with everyone. Some interactive exercises are designed today, As long as you practice more practical applications, You can use magic in your life gracefully.

It is a great honor to participate in the Thanksgiving Dinner of the Taiwanese Association of Washington, D.C. Thanks to Huai-En Tsai, President of TAA - GWC, for the invitation. After the meal, through the magic show and teaching, I shared the magical fun of magic with everyone! It's rare to have so many Taiwanese friends get together, it's...


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